Double Dip

Ever since the Wall Street debacle of 2008, we’ve been hearing the phrase, double-dip recession. It appears without warning when we are having our morning cup of Joe, or when we sit down to watch the news after a hard day at the factory. In case you missed it, double-dip recession is peppered throughout GOP campaign speeches… it’s as if the words double dip have been plastered on every banner of every Web site on the WWW.

Now, I believe in early warning systems rather than Chicken Little. But, really..? Where did all that money go..? Is it under the bed? In the dryer? Did you look in the car? Try the third drawer down in the dresser… It seems that billions of dollars have simply disappeared, perhaps never to be found. Or, maybe it’s just been disseminated into dryer lint!?

“Industry insiders fear we are headed for a double dip recession…”

The World English Dictionary defines double dip: “a recession in which a brief recovery in output is followed by another fall, because demand remains low.” The fear mongers’ PR campaign was brilliant. Scare everyday Americans into believing that if the Feds don’t bailout banks “too big to fail”, doom and gloom and chaos would ensue. If you haven’t seen HBO’s stellar, Too Big to Fail, it’s a must-see. This film explains it all for you; how America caved in and sold out. (But really, they had no choice.)

So, Chicken Little was right after all. “The sky is falling!” America went from “The sky’s the limit!” to the sky is falling, dashing hopes of the American Dream for millions. Gone are visions of that white picket fence…

Where are our heroes when we need one? Where are the great leaders and orators of 2011, like Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. of the 1960’s Civil Rights Movement, or FDR’s persistent optimism and activism that contributed to a renewal of the national spirit during The Great Depression? It’s time to replace double dip with double doers.

I remember when the words double dip meant it was rude to double dip your chip into the dip. And, frankly, all this talk about dip is making me hungry!


2 responses to “Double Dip

  1. Great post! Very keen observations, & I love your wit and humor. “Too big to fail” sometimes seems like “too big to be honest”. And I long for the days of soft ice cream double dipped in chocolate!

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