TV Has Never Been This Good

I recently spent three days in a writing seminar and one thing we all agreed upon, is that Television has never been this good. I skipped out of that class with the realization that, while writing feature films will always be my first love, I am really considering a foray into teleplays (as soon as I finish writing my next two screenplays). A-list actors are telling their agents to get them on a TV show! Writers, directors, and crews are creating a domino effect: Better is where everyone in the Entertainment Industry needs to be.

They say, talent begets talent. In the case of the new, improved TV programming, audiences are reaping the benefits in fits of tears and laughter… gathering around water coolers everywhere to discuss last night’s shows.

Now I am not discounting TV’s origin, with such terrific shows as I Love Lucy, Ed Sullivan and I Dream of Jeannie, Star Trek, or the incomparable Mary Tyler Moore who could turn the world on with her smile.

Cable has revolutionized the medium and what was once “the boob tube” is now, thankfully, filled with quality programs. Now everyone has their favorites, but, to name a few, American Horror Story, Homeland, and Dexter come to mind. After marathon viewing of all of the above, I have now dialed back a decade to view Arrested Development for two reasons; one, the show is darn funny, and two, I need to prepare for the redux of late.

There are literally dozens of excellent shows I can’t wait to watch. Game of Thrones, more than 6 episodes of Breaking Bad… I am sure many of you feel the same. Now, put down the remote and list a few of your favorites!


One response to “TV Has Never Been This Good

  1. Nail on the head Baby, You’ve got Your finger on the pulse. Not only is there great TV now, thanks to cable, we no longer have to be subjected to the “lowest common” moronic scripts of broadcast stations. We have a plethora of great shows to watch, with more coming all the time. I could go on and name a few, and I think I will; Episodes, which I had never even heard of until “how YOU Doin?” Matt Le Blanke won a Golden Globe for his role, Californication, which saved us from seeing the two most incompatible words in the English Language, “brief nudity”, if you’re good enough to be nude on TV (to producers) do not be brief! Magic City, Ray Donovan, Breaking Bad, Mad Men, Dexter, The Sopranos, The Newsroom, to name only a few, oh almost forgot Nurse Jackie. I’m happy to say I can’t keep up, but I want to.
    This Television Renaissance is occurring simultaneously with the complete breakdown of civility by the movie going public. I don’t know why but I can no longer risk my movie enjoyment, let alone my well being when asking a patron to not repeat the dialogue, or text to a friend how great the movie is, soon to be followed by asking their significant other “what did he say?”.
    Give me a big New TV, cable premium channels and a six pack, I’ll catch up./

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